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Giraffe Alloy Stem Riser Extension

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Do you find your riding position on your bike to be to hunched over and uncomfortable? Or is your child getting a bit too big for their bike, but isn't quite ready for the next size up?  

Don't be discouraged. The Giraffe stem riser extension is a great answer to these problems. A more upright riding position is proven to alleviate pressure on the hands, back and neck and is a great way to make the bike a little bigger for your kids. Try this great product out to extend your riding ability today.

  • Package includes: 1 stem riser extension + colour matching top cap and spacers.
  • Great quality. Available in 5 stylish colours.
  • Fits all modern 28.6mm or 1 1/8" steer tubes.
  • Full Length: 120mm.
  • Place spacers above or below the stem for fine tuning height adjustment.
  • Great for adding comfort to your ride.
  • Great for making kids bikes bigger.
Due to popular demand, this item takes between 20 - 30 days to arrive.