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Tush Cushion 3D Memory Foam Adjustable Saddle Cover

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The biggest complaint many cyclist have about their bikes is saddle comfort. Riding a hard saddle through rough roads can leave the rider sore and discourages them from riding more.

The Tush Cushion is just the thing for this problem. This cover is a sleek, affordable way to instantly add comfort to your bike saddle. Slip this baby on your saddle and say goodbye to that sore bum.

  • 3D memory foam instantly improves the comfort of your saddle.
  • Ride longer and farther.
  • Adjustable to fit almost any saddle.
  • Reflective tab on the rear to increase visibility at night.
  • Breathable and washable.
  • Available in 4 cool colours.
  • Unisex. Great for any rider.
Due to popular demand, this item takes between 20 - 30 days to arrive.